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At Mify Digital, we peel off concepts surrounding e-commerce, design, customer experience, web development & growth optimization to only dwell deeper into them and rearrange them to better match the complexity of today’s digital world. We’re your partner, and we align with your business goals to provide real, measurable results.

01.Mobile App Development

If on a hunt to expand your business reach, an app can do the work for you. And we can help you build that perfect app that brings value to the demanding modern customers and help you tackle Big Data. We entertain expertise in nurturing app across various genres right from gaming apps to travel apps, e-commerce apps, entertainment apps and anything else you can think of. This basic idea behind the process is:



UI/UX Design

Code Development

02.Game Development

Adoring the likes of gaming, we deploy some of the best talents in the industry to craft interactive games that have even the non-gamers wanting some share of the fun. By capturing the essence of uniqueness in even the minutest of ideas, we ornament it with relevant features to help your product gain uniqueness in terms of playability, graphics and anything that brings the user back to the game over and over again.

03.Web Design & Development

Optimized for conversions and thoroughly sketched prior to breaking ground on development, we design something that is more than just a pretty brochure but a package that attracts, impresses, and converts more leads online and get results. We really get what’s essential in developing highly functional B2B or B2C websites, landing pages, apps and digital experiences. And thus can help you with-

UX/UI design mockups

Data Migrations


QA testing & Launch

04.Email Marketing

At Mify, we sieve a client’s expectations with a pinch of interpretation of ours; so that we ping their campaign to the right person at the right tick of the clock. Empowered with modern UIs, we entertain an industry-leading average inboxing rate of 95%, which naturally helps your business reach its goal faster than you had expected.

Bulk E-mailing

A/B Testing

Open & Click-Through Report

05.Social Media Marketing and Management

Social media management and marketing is no rocket science but an art that needs to be thought, sketched and worked upon from time to time. We are aware of the significant touch point that social media is for shoppers in the business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) industry and thus brew our services accordingly.

Social Media Strategy

Engaging Content

Engagement and Reach

Increased Brand Awareness

06.Digital Marketing

Our core services are extremely focused on what we do best — growing your business through data-backed designs, cutting-edge technology, luring digital campaigns, creative content, and growth optimization.

Social Median Marketing

Paid Social Campaign

Targeted Emails


07.PPC Management Services

We got on-board dedicated paid search specialists to manage your campaigns across platforms like Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising. Our services are backed with high integrity that we have unfolded and nurtured by putting a lot of thinking so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the goods.

Single Account


Geotargeting &
Location Exclusions

Results Analysis/

08.Search Engine Optimization

21st-century explorers no longer use the stars and a compass as the valuable tools for documenting the undiscovered. It’s the internet and a search engine that can actually take your business places. And helping you deck at THE spot are our Search Engine Optimization services that will habitually convert conversations into conversions.

On-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO

Targeted Local SEO

Competitor Research

09.Graphic Designing

From the 90s hues to retro blues, in the world of designing, nothing gets old but only richer with time and simply by adding the pinch of creativity that we at Mify Digital are known to entertain. Re-polishing and re-imagining designs and concepts for the past 11+ years, Mify Digital has honed itself to offer unique website designs, app designs, logo designs, informative infographics, attractive flexes and what not? Graphic Design is our craft and we would love to use it to enable you to stand out in yours.

Logo Design services

Brochure design

Infographics design services

Advertisement designing


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